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... Benefits & Features    by Ximena Beilin for Dave Ch. (Canada)  | 

Our company like many others had been using several different types of software. We had a CMR solution, WordPress for our website, E-mail delivery, Payment processing and Auto responders among others. When we found …… it was like a dream come true. We now had a packaged solution where all the different components work together smoothly. We found it ideal for a small business like ours. An all-in-one integrated management platform, easily fusing software tools with our needs to help us organize and grow.

You might think a company who offers such a list of features cannot commit to assuring excellence. But we must say their tools are really good! Moreover, we get access to the whole features suite and each time we try a new option, it works perfectly.

Our experience with the setup process and customers service was great, and always is. There are no sales representatives after you while you are analyzing your purchase and it has a really easy access.

Their mechanism is very simple; it only takes a couple of seconds to sign up online. Once in, you will be walked through setup in a very friendly way compared to other platforms. You will receive several emails the first few weeks with training information to make sure you’re on the right track. If you use the resources and do the work, getting started is very easy.

Almost every business can make the best of this platform for their benefit. No matter what their activity might be.

After analyzing facts and figures, we found it is slightly more affordable than its competitors and definitely has a lot more features to help you get working in less time. It offers a very good free demo, and a 90-day money back guarantees with no setup or cancellation costs. Maybe this is why a large number of well-known businesses and professionals from different areas have chosen this tool pack over the last years.

While their tools really help us Publish, Market, Sell and Organize, we gained new time for other aspects of life, beyond business. Things are so friendly thought; you don’t get stuck or loose valuable time.

We found very simple to Publish websites with the easiest page builder ever! Pages are designed to look gorgeous on a desktop, tablet or phone. Plus, since they are hosted by their data center, they always work fast. It helps us gather client information with customizable web forms and light boxes to add on our web pages. We can also create pop-up forms to be triggered by any visitor’s interaction with our web page.

The platform includes an amazing marketplace in-app for really easy sharing. This gave us access to a wide variety of templates, which increased conversions. We can also develop our own, to share or sell.

We found a new world of opportunities by easily collecting clients data with adjustable forms we put on our website and blog. Spotting and monitoring our web visitors, with a page-by-page track record of every interaction with our site, was finally real!

When the time came to integrate a Facebook page to promote our company we were delighted to find that ……. allows our clients to simply opt-in using their Fb accounts.

We soon learned it would be great for our -now fast- growing business to have a WordPress site integrated to our page, for better content management. It was such an easy one-click task! With no frustrating challenges and lots of options for dealing with images, forms and video posting and even personalizing our site for each visitor. Now we are definitely considering to also launch a members-only website to deliver our digital products or create a customer center to make the most of their complete purchase history, and contact information the system collects for us.

We are now looking at examining all our marketing assets to learn which work best for us. You can create different versions for online instruments and the system will track the total visits and conversion tools for each. Once you identify the best, you can turn the rest off, and send all traffic to the highest performance version. This sounds like really easy optimization.

Our experience regarding Marketing was just as positive. Their platform offers the best instruments with a super automation system. A multi-channel toolset is designed to follow-up leads, inquiries, direct mail postcards or SMS. We can choose the schedule for receiving this information automatically. Some powerful segmentation rules and instruments help us send the right messages, via the right channels, at the right time!
Selling our products and services online, with secure payment processing was definitely better than ever before. When all instruments are available for simple and secure operations, chances of selling suddenly boost.

Friendly order forms, trials, subscriptions, coupons and payment plans, abandoned cart follow-up: everything is thought for real company growth.

Since we launched our business, we always felt we needed to Organize better. This platform made it possible and we could focus in being more creative an innovating than ever, because we now had the time we needed for it.

This all-in-one mechanism definitely resolved the management of otherwise separate tools we needed to run things properly.

It guaranteed extra time to spend on other things in life. Having the technology issue resolved, we can now work for a living and enjoy it rather than live exclusively for work and its software challenges.

Real quality automation of business processes simply took the messy stuff out of the, and helped us recover invaluable time.

Last but not least, they have a great community from all over the globe, with updated and collaborative users on Facebook, and an annual conference.

It is great for businesses like ours, which work hard to keep in touch with their customers and make them feel cared for ……’s automation tools are amazing and definitely, help you do that.